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Everyone who uses computer knows it very that all computers need protections from a number of threats. Firewall is one such a network security systems that is useful for monitoring and controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic. It does this work on the basis of the security rules that are predetermined.


  1. The function of the firewall is to create the barrier between the secure and trusted network and other network like internet that is considered to be highly insecure network.
  2. The firewalls are found in its two categories named as host based firewall and network firewalls.
  3. Network Firewalls are efficient enough to filter traffic of two or more network. Firewalls can also be divided in two sorts: software appliances and firewall computer appliances.
  4. The software appliance firewalls work on common purpose hardware while firewall computer appliance is based on hardware.
  5. There are also firewalls that are based on Host; these firewalls create a layer of software to the host. Moreover, Firewalls also offer some other functionality like working as the VPN and DHC server for the network.


Three Generations of Firewalls

  • There are three generations of firewalls. The first generation firewalls are called Packet Filters, Second ‘Stateful’ filters, and Third Application layers.


Advantages of Application Layer Filtering

  1. The key advantages of application layer filtering is, it is efficient enough to know some applications along with protocols like Hypertext Transfer Protocols, Domain Name System, and File Transfer Protocols.  
  2. It is also efficient enough to detect the attempt of the unwanted applications and services for bypassing the firewall with the support of a protocol on an acceptable port.
  3. As well as it is also efficient enough to detect a protocol that is being treated in a harmful way.
  4. The modern firewall’s deep packet inspection functionality has been improved so they can deeply and widely inspect application stack.
  5. Now they can inspect deeply Intrusion Prevention System, User Identity Management Integration and WAF attacks.


The categories of firewalls are generally based on Host or Network. The positioning of the network based Firewalls is the gateway computers of intranets, WANs and LANs. While the positioning of Host based Firewalls is network node. Host based Firewall may be part of the operating system. Or they can either be an allocation agent.

Firewall support

  1. Thus, Firewall is very important of the security of the computer. People, time to time, need support for Firewall for ensuring its proper functioning.
  2. You can come across a number of technical problems that you want to get rid off from.


There are several options for getting support.

  1. You can go online and try to find out the solutions of your technical issues.
  2. As well as, there are also companies that offer their services as a third party. You can also take their services.
  3. These companies offer support through different mediums.

So you can get support through your preferred medium. You need not to wait for any moment; from these companies, you can get support instantly through online chat, video chat, or phone. They are always available whether it is day or night.

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